Online Yoga

At the present moment we are not offering online classes. 

“Aim of yoga is to calm the chaos of conflicting impulses.” BKS Iyengar

In this pandemic situation we are all confronted with conflicting words, deeds and situations. Practicing yoga regularly brings us regularity in our actions, stability in our thoughts and strength to go through all these. And here I don’t speak only about body but also of mind, intelligence and heart.

online iyengar yoga

During this time we are offering online yoga classes. We use Zoom platform where you can see me and I can see you and in this way, in comfort of your home under the guidance of a teacher, you can have responsible and safe practice.

If you are interested to practice Iyengar yoga with us, please write to us in the contact form and we will send you details about payment for your classes, after which you will receive the link for the classes.

If you have difficulty using Zoom you can contact us or check it on

During the class make sure your microphone is switch off so there is no noise disturbance during the class and your video is switch on. Also make sure that you place your camera in a way you are visible to the teacher and have all your props handy. 

In case of any previous injuries or therapy you are using, please inform the teacher in advance as well as any new problems or difficulties before the class (including, menstruation, pregnancy or any other new problems).

online iyengar yoga

Our schedule, starting from January 2021 is:

Monday and Wednesday – General class at 7pm

Tuesday and Thursday – Level I at 8am

Tuesday and Thursday – Level I/II at 7pm

Duration of every class is 90 min.