Mentorship program-Teacher training

It is important to understand that to become a yoga teacher is a natural vocation that can awaken in a yoga practitioner, however, before considering becoming a teacher one must first focus on and become mature in one’s own practice.

The process towards assessment and certification in Iyengar yoga, starts with a passion and love for the method, which may then progress towards a teaching certificate.

Establishing a commitment to regular practice, encourages a sense of positive change and personal growth.  However, whilst going deeper into the subject doesn’t have to involve certification, for those keen to become part of the Iyengar lineage, it is a journey which naturally combines a firm spiritual, philosophical and practical base.

How to become an Iyengar yoga teacher?

The way teachers in the Iyengar system are trained worldwide has changed at the request of the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, from teacher training to mentorship training program. 

A mentorship is an indefinite period (minimum 3 years) during which the mentor instructs the student in a personal way in the art of teaching, until they consider the candidate prepared for the assessment.
No candidate can present themselves for assessment. The recommendation of the teacher is an essential requirement. 

To apply to train with a mentor, a student must show that they have attended classes with a certified Iyengar yoga teacher regularly for a minimum of three years and have a good standard of practice in the Introductory asana.

The first step for students who are interested in training to teach is to speak to their regular teacher. If not a mentor themselves, their teacher will be able to put them in touch with a qualified mentor.

Ideally, your mentor should be the teacher with whom you have the most consistent, committed, and connected relationship. This teacher should be someone you study with and interact with regularly in the process of developing your practice and teaching. 

What’s expected of an Iyengar yoga trainee?

  • Prospective teachers will follow and assist a Mentor/Teacher over a minimum three year period. 
  • As a trainee, you will be expected to attend regular classes for your own practice with a Junior Intermediate teacher or your mentor at least twice per week. 
  • You will also attend a beginner or general level class with your mentor where you will after time, progress to demonstrating and assisting during class. 
  • You will complete set written assignments and 
  • will need to attend peer-group sessions and workshops with aim to deepen your knowledge and understanding. 

Encouragement and advice, regarding assessment applications, relies on a close relationship between the mentor and mentee. However, the dedication of the practitioner is critical for the awareness and understanding of yoga.  Be prepared for a wonderful journey.

At the end of the three year program, Mentors and Trainees will assess when is appropriate time for the Level 1 teaching exam.

  • You cannot participate in the Mentorship Program while you are pregnant, or if you have health issues that may jeopardize your own safety.

Workshops for mentees in 2024:
January – 20.01.
March – 02.03.
March – 23.03.
April – 27.04.
May – 25.05.
June – 22.06.